Jolly Safety Footwear is coming to Pac Fire

Jolly Firefighting Footwear arrives at Pac Fire
Jolly Fire Guard Zip Front Structural Firefighting Footwear
Jolly Fire Guard Structural Firefighting Boot
Jolly Fire Guard Structural Firefighting Boot[/caption]For over 35 years Jolly has been a leading essential supplier of professional firefighting footwear throughout Europe. Recently, Jolly was selected as the preferred supplier of Firefighting & Rescue Footwear to the UK Collaborative Framework which is accessible to all Fire and Rescue Services across the United Kingdom.

A focus on utilising innovative materials while maintaining full compliance with the safety standards has resulted in the development of a range of footwear that delivers superior safety and paramount comfort to the wearer.

Over the last 18 months Jolly have partnered with Pac Fire to bring a selection of Jolly’s Italian designed, specialised firefighting footwear to Australasia.

Fire Guard is the zip front structural firefighting boot you can wear comfortably – all day. They have been crafted to fit the foot perfectly as their features deliver the ultimate in comfort and protection.

Jolly Superleggera Zip Front Structural Firefighting Footwear
Jolly Superleggera Firefighting & Rescue Boot
Superleggera has been designed for a wide range of applications. It’s AS/NZS 4821:2014 certification makes Superleggera suitable for Structural Firefighting while the compact and lightweight design means the boots are a safe and comfortable option when in Wildland Firefighting and Rescue situations.

Fire Guard and Superleggera are on the way and available for preorder with delivery expected early August – visit the products online to place your preorder or to get more information.

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