Blowhard Quickee PPV Fan

Blowhard Fans have single handedly revolutionised the way ventilation in emergency situations is approached.

Expanding on the technology and benefits introduced in the BH-20, the Quickee is engineered to increase performance while taking up less space.

BlowHard’s ErgoFold technology has been taken to the next level to create a more powerful, smaller, lighter, more manoeuvrable 508mm fan designed to increase the performance and efficiency of the firefighter. The solution is a more effective firefighting process.

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Blowhard Fans

Product Features

  • Dual powered operates on Li-Ion battery and mains power
  • Starts instantly on battery power
  • Soft start, variable speed motor
  • Blade size: 508mm (20”)
  • Maximum CFM: 11,400 AMCA value (19,369 m3/h)
  • Runtime: 45 minutes at 11,400 CFM AMCA, 4+ hours at 6,500 CFM
  • Recover 0% – 90% in 1 hour 45 minutes / complete charge time 3 hours (no memory)
  • Battery Cycle Life: Up to 500 full discharges, industry standard
  • Tilt: 0 – 180 degrees
  • Sound: 87 dB @ 10 ft (3m)
  • Includes shoulder strap for easy deployment and repositioning
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Adjustable Angle Path Lighting LED
  • Convenient battery capacity indicator
  • Weighs only 21kgs

Additional Information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 53.4 × 53.4 × 24.8 cm

Structural Firefighting


Ingress protection IP67


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