F20H Haloflex™ Structural Firefighting Helmet Pacific Helmets

The Pacific F20H Haloflex™ directly addresses the risks associated with heat stress, helmet weight and contaminant exposure.

Inside the Pacific F20H is the Haloflex™ system, the future of structural fire helmets – a complete departure from traditional ribbon suspension. The innovative design of the advanced TPU polymer Haloflex™ impact mesh system provides substantially superior energy absorption and protection while remaining resistant to chemicals such as oils, fuels and hydrocarbons.

Haloflex™ can be disassembled in around 2 minutes without tools – meaning components can be removed or replaced in the field, without taking the helmet out of service. Pacific’s new Qik-Klip comfort system accelerates and simplifies padding changeover after each exposure resulting in a stronger, more effective Preliminary Exposure Reduction (PER) process. Constructed from flexible and lightweight closed cell PE foam with fabric comfort cover, the Qik-Klip comfort system improves drying times after laundering virtually eliminating the occurrence of mildew, mould and bacteria while remaining chemical resistant.

The F20H Haloflex™ comes complete with Pacific’s redesigned Qik-Klip One Touch Eye Protector (OTEP™) which can be removed and replaced easily without the need for tools, Haloflex™ helmet internals, Pacific ratchet adjustable headband with 4 stage height adjustment, DuPont™ Kevlar® and fibreglass composite shell and an AS/NZS 1337:2010 face shield that can be completely deployed over a SCBA mask.

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Product Features

  • DUPONT™ KEVLAR® REINFORCED FIBREGLASS COMPOSITE SHELL provides integral strength and excellent penetration protection. Sleek shape and well-balanced – this Kevlar® and Fibreglass reinforced composite shell integrated with a polymer chassis helps reduce weight and improve overall wearer comfort. Accentuated shell lines provide additional crush protection.
  • FULL CRANIUM POLYURETHANE LINER. Excellent thermal barrier. Unique crumple zone for superior shock absorption and internal air circulation.
  • PREMIUM REFLECTIVE TRIM with high retro-reflectivity for increased visibility. 6 pieces of 3M680 white / silver supplied fitted to the helmet.
  • ADVANCED POLYMER CHASSIS. Platform for accessory integration.
  • ADAPTER PLATES: Attach torch and other accessories by way of Easi On-Off Base (EOB).
  • QIK-KLIP ONE TOUCH EYE PROTECTOR (OTEP™) provides high speed particle protection. Eye protector is heat and flame resistant with anti-scratch and anti-fog properties. The Qik-Klip OTEP™ has been introduced into the Haloflex™ liner. No more complicated or complex change-outs necessary. Pacific Qik-Klip OTEP™ can be replaced in under 2 minutes.
  • CLEAR INTERNAL FACE SHIELD provides high speed particle protection. Face Shield is heat and flame resistant with anti-scratch and anti-fog properties. Designed to fit perfectly over BA masks. Extra area of coverage and internal space through multi pivot system. Clear pictured, also available in gold mirror finish.
  • PACIFIC RATCHET ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND, sizing range from 52–65cm. Simple operation with a single gloved hand. Comfortable front and rear foam padding. 4 stage height adjustment. Pivot nape can be adjusted at a range of 100° for personalised fit. Features Qik-Klip comfort padding system made from closed cell PE foam covered with a soft fabric.
  • HALOFLEX™ SYSTEM. Advanced TPU polymer Haloflex™ impact mesh system delivers superior temperature and chemical resistance. Full cranium impact and force protection. Excellent air circulation and tool free disassembly/assembly.
  • 4-POINT CHIN STRAP. Made from fire resistant Nomex®, includes leather cheek padding. Single handed adjustment at multiple locations for maximum comfort, optimum fit, and increased stability. Remove and replace quickly, without the need of tools.
  • PACIFIC QUICK RELEASE BUCKLE. Easily secured, released, and adjusted with a gloved hand.
  • FLAME RESISTANT NECK PROTECTOR. Black, Double Layer, Gusseted Nomex®.
  • COMMS CONNECTIVITY. The F20H liner is fitted with a bracket offering a range of comms unit integration options.
  • REAR STORAGE HANGER. Made from fire resistant, industrial plastic.
  • RFID TRACKING. A unique UHF-RFID chip can be fitted to the inside of each helmets shell for monitoring helmets issued, wearers location (in vehicle, at incident) and helmet life cycle.
  • COLOUR. The F20H is available in over 25 colours, Pantone Yellow pictured.

Additional Information

Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 26 cm
Helmet Colour

Army Green, British Racing Green, Canary Yellow, Corinthian Blue, Fire Royal Blue, Gloss Black, Green, Padre Purple, Pantone Yellow, Pink, Satin Black, Signal Green, Silver, Smitten Pink, Swedish Green, UK Green, UN Blue, Verdie Blue, Blue, Orange, Rescue Blue, Daisy Yellow, Fluro Lime, Fluro Orange, Red, White


Structural Firefighting


AS/NZS 4067:2012

Pacific Helmets are available in a range of colours and paint finishes, not available for purchase through our online store.

Please contact Pac Fire about your colour selection. Additional fees and lead times may apply. Note the colours displayed below should be used as a guide only – colours will display differently on a screen to the finished product.


F20H HaloFlex Structural Firefighting Helmet – User Manual
F20H HaloFlex Structural Firefighting Helmet – Product Data Sheet

Spare Parts

Relevant Certifications

AS/NZS 4067:2012

AS/NZS 1337.1:2010



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