‘Scorch’ Goggles by Pac Fire

‘Scorch’ Goggles are double strap, helmet mounted secondary eye protection for wildland firefighters and rescue workers.

Pac Fire New Zealand

Product Features

  • BODY: Low profile, Thermoplastic Vulcanisate (TPV) frame.
  • DISTORTION FREE, for impeccable optical clarity.
  • ANTI-SCRATCH LENS, made from hard wearing polycarbonate. Replaceable.
  • VENTED GOGGLE BODY: reduces fogging.
  • FOAM BOUND, maintains ventilation while preventing ingress of small particles via vents.
  • WIDE FRAME DESIGN: for exceptional peripheral vision.
  • HELMET GOGGLES. Double strap goggles for mounting on a Pacific branded wildland or rescue helmet. Traditional goggle mounts supplied with each pair of goggles. Universal rail mounts available (sold separately).
  • REPLACEMENT PARTS & ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE. Replacement straps, replacement clear lens and goggle cover.
  • PACIFIC HELMETS APPROVED. Scorch goggles by Pac Fire are approved by Pacific Helmets.


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