Blowhard Fan BH-20

Blowhard Fans have single handedly revolutionised the way ventilation in emergency situations is approached.

Blowhard’s BH-20 PPV fan has been designed for high pressure to effectively drive ventilation. The high velocity jet stream produced by the BH-20 assists in building pressure to effectively clear smoke from the structure. Boasting unique design and construction, the BH-20 is lighter, smaller, incredibly durable and more powerful than other fans on the market today.

The soft start motor can be powered with both a mains outlet or Blowhard’s long lasting, Li-Ion battery pack. This feature allows the fan to be set up faster and started instantly – in some instances cutting down response time by up to 6 minutes.

Please contact us to discuss your ventilation requirements.

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Blowhard Fans

Product Features

  • Dual powered operates on battery and mains power
  • Soft start, variable speed motor
  • Maximum Amps 7amps at 110V / 3.5amps at 220V
  • Recover 80% charge in 1 hour / full charge in 3 hours (no memory)
  • Runtime: 35 minutes at 10,500CFM or 60 minutes at 9,000CFM
  • Includes shoulder strap for easy deployment and repositioning
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Produces high velocity jet stream
  • Starts instantly on battery power
  • Doubles as PPV fan
  • Weighs only 27kgs

Additional Information

Weight 27 kg


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