Responder Wipes

Responder Wipes® have been designed and formulated specifically to meet firefighters unique needs.

Infused with Micellar Water, the wipes effectively clean dirt, oil, soot and other hydrocarbons from the skin. Micelles not only removes toxins and contaminants but also returns much needed hydration to the skin that is lost while working in hot and demanding conditions.

Their convenient packaging options reduce waste and makes Responder Wipes® perfect for use while still attending an incident.

This “must have” product is available in a Chiefs carton of 15 individually wrapped, extra large 30 x 60cm wipes. Or the Lieutenant’s pack of 20 regular sized 20 x 20cm wipes in a resealable pouch.

Responder Wipes

Product Features

  • Two sizes: Extra Large 30 x 60cm and Regular 20 x 20cm
  • Conveniently sized “on-the-go” packs
  • Thick 80gsm wipes that do not shred, tear or ball when used
  • Formulated with Micellar Water an innovative cleansing compound that effectively dissolves hydrocarbons
  • Resealable packs prevent wipes drying out / wastage
  • 3 year shelf life

Additional Information

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Pack Size

Chief’s Pack, Lieutenant’s Pack


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