Supercharge your response time

Blowhard Fans and Pac Fire Australia - partners for over 8 years

Pac Fire and Blowhard Fans have a long standing and prosperous relationship spanning more than 8 years.

Blowhard Fans have single handedly revolutionised the way ventilation in emergency situations is approached.

Blowhard’s BH-20 PPV fan has been designed for high pressure to effectively drive ventilation. The high velocity jet stream produced by the BH-20 assists in building pressure to effectively clear smoke from the structure.

Boasting unique design and construction, the BH-20 is lighter, smaller, incredibly durable and more powerful than other fans on the market today.

The soft start motor can be powered with both a mains outlet or Blowhard’s long lasting, Li-Ion battery pack. This feature allows the fan to be set up faster and started instantly – in some instances cutting down response time by up to 6 minutes. Weighing only 27kgs, Blowhards ergonomic design which includes a shoulder strap, allows the fan to be repositioned while still running. It’s compact design allows it to be used in difficult, hard to reach spaces while also saving valuable space on emergency response vehicles.

Supercharge your response time with the BH-20 from Blowhard.

Blowhard Fans are available throughout Australia and New Zealand from Pac Fire.

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