Kappler Chemical Suits – CE Marked Styles

Kappler CE Marked Suits - Technical Bulletin

Kappler has made some changes to their range of chemical suits based on a new European regulation relating to personal protective equipment (PPE).

The European Commission approved and published Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on PPE which became effective on April 21, 2019. Following the introduction of this regulation, Kappler performed an operational review of existing CE marked suits that were sold in Europe and internationally. The review determined that demand did not support the costs which would be incurred to update test data and certify garments to the new regulation.

As a result, Kappler has made the decision to no longer offer any garments marked to the requirements of the new Regulation.

What does this mean for Pac Fire & our customers?
Kappler does not make or offer a CE certified Level A Vapor suit. It’s important to keep in mind CE certification is a European standard – and does not necessarily translate to Australian Standards.

What products are affected?
Styles CZ5H580 OR and CZ5H581 OR (totally encapsulating Level A suit) has been discontinued by the supplier, Kappler. Once existing stocks have been cleared, Kappler have introduced a new styles, with new features that do not carry the CE mark.

CZ5H582 OR (front entry) and CZ5H583 OR (rear entry) vapor total encapsulating suit will replace the old style. These new styles will be available with some new features which include an expanded visor and knee reinforcements.

>>Technical Bulletin: Product Specifications Z5H582

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