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CITROSQUEEZE® and SC-14 now available from Pac Fire Australia

Citrosqueeze and SC-14 - new PPE Cleaning Products available from Pac Fire Australia

Dirty PPE reduces insulation, is more likely to conduct heat / electricity and can become flammable.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of protective clothing is essential in maintaining garments optimum protective performance and therefore keeping firefighters safe.

Pac Fire Australia is pleased to announce the arrival of CITROSQEEZE® PPC pre-treater and technical detergent as well as SC-14 all-purpose cleaner from SC products.

CITROSQUEEZE® is the only NFPA 1851 certified technical detergent currently available. It’s track record of thoroughly and safely cleaning over 2 million sets of garments during the last 20 years has made it the number one choice for firefighters across the globe.

CITROSQUEEZE® and SC-14 have been proven to maintain the protective quality of PPE.

Recent studies have highlighted health implications with particulate matter that collects on firefighters clothing and skin. These studies have pushed forward the idea that “clean” doesn’t necessarily mean 100% safe.

CITROSQEEZE® and SC-14 are extremely effective removers of soiling you can see – like dirt, soot, grease and grime. But these specialised products also clean away potentially harmful hydrocarbon contaminants – not visible to the naked eye.

SC-14 is sold in a convenient 946ml spray bottle fast and effective cleaning of helmets, equipment and other station surfaces. CITROSQUEEZE® is available now from Pac Fire Australia in a 946ml pre-treater spray bottle and a 3.78L jug of in wash, technical detergent.

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Further information CITROSQUEEZE: 
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Further information SC-14:
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