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Pac Fire welcomes “Commando” and “Quickee” to the Blowhard range

Blowhard is an innovative company with a team dedicated to putting the needs of firefighters first. Their core focus is creating solutions that fire services can integrate into their processes to make them more powerful and efficient.

It is this focus that has led to the creation of two new fans – the Commando and the Quickee.

Both new fans utilise positive pressure ventilation (PPV) whereby they remove smoke, heat and other combustion products from a structure during or after a fire. The Blowhard difference is the use of Jet Stream technology rather than the more common “cone” airflow. Jet Stream technology utilises a concentrated, high-pressure “jet stream” dedicated to ventilation which consistently out performs the “cone” model. Basically what this means is you need fewer fans based on “jet stream” technology to ventilate an area – saving valuable space on trucks, time in deployment and money on additional units.

Pac Fire welcomes BlowHard Quickee & Commando

Weight, shape, size, balance, and carrying options have been major considerations during the design and construction of Commando and Quickee.

Commando gives you the all-in-one power to take on any situation. Pushing the limits of battery technology and fan engineering, BlowHard’s Commando brings unmatched performance with a footprint and weight similar to that of the BH-20. The Commando redefines battery powered PPV with its ability to outperform some petrol driven fans, yet light weight and ergonomic enough to be carried and set up by one person.

The Quickee expands on the technology and benefits introduced in the BH-20. It is engineered to increase performance while taking up less space. BlowHard’s ErgoFold technology has been taken to the next level to create a more powerful, smaller, lighter, more manoeuvrable 508mm fan designed to increase the performance and efficiency of the firefighter.

Both fans incorporate new Blowhard features which include adjustable angle path lighting and battery charge indicators.

Pac Fire is proud to offer Blowhard’s revolutionary ventilation technology throughout Australia and New Zealand. Please contact us for more information or for a detailed quote on the BH-20, Commando or Quickee.

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Introducing Pac Fire’s new look Product Catalogue

New Pac Fire Catalogue

New Pac Fire Catalogue

Pac Fire is pleased to announce the release of the 2018 Product Catalogue featuring over 15 new products.

The 2018 edition has more products, more photos and more information than ever before. Explore the latest technical fabrics and moisture barriers in the protective clothing section, find out more about your favourite Pacific Helmet and check out the latest products designed to protect responder health.

Get where you’re going faster with the detailed contents section or the index by product code.

The Pac Fire product catalogue has been designed to work in conjunction with the website, and our new YouTube channel.

Download the full, 115 page catalogue using the link below (8mb):
>> Pac Fire New Zealand 2018 - Catalogue

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Pac Fire Newsflash: May 18th 2018

Pac Fire Australia Newsflash Archive - May 18th 2018

Catch up on the latest Pac Fire Australia Newsflash:

  • Responder Wipes arrived
  • Are you routinely cleaning your firefighting jacket? Here are some guidelines to help you out.
  • Just what is PBI® Max?
  • You’ve received your new Pacific F15 Helmet – watch Pacific Helmets quick startup guide

>> Catch up here

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